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Canoe trips

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Drentsche Aa Canoe trip

This canoe route takes you along the lovely river the Drentsche Aa from Schipborg to De Punt. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the strongly crooked river.
The length of this trip is around 14 km. You’ll be picked up at the endpoint.

Hunze trip

Canoëing along the river the Hunze from Spijkerboor to the Zuidlaardermeer. You can end at one of the pavilions or on the surfing meadow. You can also canoe to the harbour of Zuidlaren or Noordlaren. Minimum of 6 people.

Canoe trip from the harbour of Onnen

Via the harbour canal of Onnen you’ll fare to the Drents Diep and then to the Zuidlaardermeer. You can end at one of the pavilions. A diverse and beautiful trip. Minimum of 10 people.
Canoe trip upper Drentsche Aa
The upper part of the Drentsche Aa has been made into a canal, but despite that it is worth it to canoe here. The nature is very beautiful here. Along the way you’ll have to cross some meadows to continue your trip. Minimum of 10 people.

Zuidlaardermeer trip

A trip by means of biking, hiking, and canoeing. Your group will be separated into two smaller groups. One group will bike to the megalith in Noordlaren and subsequently will hike to the Zuidlaardermeer.
The other group bikes to the Hunze. Here, canoes will be ready with which you’ll go to the Zuidlaardermeer. Both groups will meet at the lake. Here the groups will switch and will continue with their trips in opposite directions. Both long and short routes are possible. Minimum of 12 people.

Canoe & hiking trip Midlaren – Harbour Noordlaren

This route is especially beautiful in the beginning of the summer period. One part of the group will go by canoe across the Zuidlaardermeer to the harbour in Noordlaren. The other part hikes by means of a map to the harbour as well. Here the groups will switch. After great effort has been done you can relax in one of the restaurants nearby. Minimum of 12 people.

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